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Patrick lived his life as a refugee for over 10 years in Kakauma Refugee camp. As a young child, He always had a reoccurring dream, this dream was to live in a place where there wasn’t constant death. Where He could eat as much as his heart and stomach desired, without worrying about what to eat the next day. One day, Patrick received a once in a lifetime ticket. An opportunity per say, a dream come true, to migrate to Australia. He thought this was it! However, he would soon learn that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. Hire Patrick and hear a tale of hope, perseverance and self-belief. A young mans treacherous journey from a refugee to an Australian citizen.

You Are Born For Greatness

“If life deals you a bad hand, use it to win anyway. Turn your weaknesses into strength” – Patrick Onek

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