My Journey

Patrick Onek

In 1993 Patrick was born in Sudan during the wake of the civil war. His mother fled the warzone while he was just a child.

Kakuma Refugee Camp
Arrival to Kakuma

Patrick arrives in a Kakuma Refugee Camp with his mother. His mother started the process of immigration through the UN. The camp was full of traumatic experiences that had changed and majorly affected the way he lived his life.  

Nov 2003
Approved for immigration
Prayers Answered

Finally it was the long awaited moment for Patrick and his family. They were approved to migrate to Australia. His hope became a reality. His dream of a better place has been finally answered.

Jan 2004
The Journey to Australia
Migrating to Australia

A two days bus ride and a two day flight and Patrick was officially in Australia. He thought this was it. The moment where his life becomes better. He was finally in heaven or at least that was what he thought before experiencing racism and bullying.

Dec 2007
Completed Primary School
Completed Grade 7
Dec 2021
Completed High School
Competed High School
Nov 2015
Completed Bachelor of Business
Accomplished First Degree
Nov 2017
Completed Master's of Management
Attained a Master's Degree

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